My name is Dan Smith, Democrat running for state assembly in the 24th District. I have been a lawyer, judge and public servant in our district for my whole professional career. There have been lots of changes over the years, too many that have not been for the better. Like many of you, I’m tired of business as usual. I want to see our communities grow and thrive.

One area I will help improve is economic development. Our district has great difficulty attracting major business development. The main reason for this is our roads and infrastructure won’t support the kind of heavy traffic large enterprises need to sustain operations. 

Many of our citizens struggle to find the kind of higher-paying jobs that allow people to enjoy a middle-class lifestyle and offer better opportunities to their children. One of the main culprits blocking their path is the lack of reliable and frequent public transportation to take them where these jobs are.

The incumbents from our district have had plenty of time to address these issues and provide solutions. Yet, these problems still exist. If elected, I will do the work necessary to effect real change to improve the quality of life for all citizens of the 24th District. I hope you will consider giving Dan Smith your vote on November 5th.