My name is Dan S. Smith, Democrat running for State Assembly in the 24th Legislative District. I have been a lawyer, judge, educator at the college level, and public servant as part of my professional career. I am running for State Assembly to help our district grow and prosper.

Economic development is critical for the long-term prosperity of the 24th District. 

- We must prevent the flight of our citizens to other locales by stimulating the economy and improving our quality of life. 

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- Improving roads and infrastructure can help us attract more industry. 

- Becoming more “tech friendly” with high speed internet can improve job prospects and incomes. 

- Supporting Sussex County College will provide better education and improve the employability of our youth. 

We also lack transportation to get our citizens to where the good jobs are. Buses stop running at 5pm. Are there no jobs, no appointments or no college and other education that happens after 5pm? 

The incumbents just don’t seem to care.They rarely show up in Trenton and do nothing to address these issues when they do.

Our lakes are the jewels of our district. They were ruined this summer, hurting business through lost tourism and damaging quality of life for all of us. Why was this issue not addressed? Because Space and Wirths were completely ineffective in getting the Assembly to help fix the problems. Why are they ineffective? Because they allow partisan party goals to override their duty to you, the citizens of the 24th District.

If elected, I will show up to do that job you have entrusted me to do. I will address the issues outlined above and fight hard to improve opportunity and quality of life for all citizens of the 24th District. I believe in People Over Party. 

Make your voice heard. Vote this Tuesday, November 5.