SPARTA, NJ – With election season set to begin next month there are a number of deadlines voters should know.

Sussex County, State and National Primary Election:

April 21 – Mail-In ballots mailed for Primary Elections

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May 15 – Voter registration deadline for Primary Elections

May 29 – Deadline to apply for Mail-In ballot for Primary Election

May 30  - Sample ballots mailed to registered voters

June 4 – Deadline for In-Person Main-In ballot application until 3 p.m.

June 5 – Deadline for In-Person Mail-In ballot submission until 8 p.m.

June 5 – Primary Election Day

Sussex County, State and National General Elections:

June 5 – Nomination Petitions filing deadline for independent candidates for general election before 4 p.m.

August 13- Ballot Petition Positions drawn by County Clerk at 3 p.m.

October 16 – voter registration deadline for general election

October 30 - deadline to apply for Mail-In ballot

October 31 – sample ballots mailed

November 5 – deadline for In-Person Mail-In ballot application for general election by 3 p.m.

November 6 – general election, deadline for submission of general election Mail-In ballots by 8 p.m.

New Jersey Board of Education November Election timelines:

July 30 – nominating petitions filing deadline for board of education candidates

September 7- Deadline for candidates to withdraw from board of education election

How to vote in Sussex County video

Mail-In Ballots:

Mail-in ballots are what used to be called absentee ballots.  Voters no longer need to provide a reason why they seek to vote by mail.  Once the voter applies for a Mail-In ballot, the voter is not allowed to vote at their regular polling district. 

Mail-In ballots can be requested at the County Clerk’s office from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  There may be some days of extended hours to accommodate in-person and early voting added as the election date gets closer, according to the Sussex County Clerk’s office.

A mailed application for a Mail-In ballot must be received by the Sussex County Clerk’s office by seven days prior to the election. In-person applications must be done by 3 p.m. on the day prior to the election.  

Completed Mail-In ballots can be delivered to the County Clerk’s office at 83 Spring Street, suite 304 in Newton, by the voter up to 8 p.m. on the day of the election.  In-person applications must be done by 3 p.m. on the day prior to the election.  

Voters can have someone deliver their ballot by following the procedure on the Mail-In ballot. 

Link to voter registration form

Link to Mail-In Ballot application form