A Senator from another district has taken the time out of his busy schedule, during an election cycle no less, to weigh in on funding for Sussex County schools! But this is no surprise, because every election year a small group of out of touch legislators rally around a proposal for flat school funding that promises ‘BIG TAX SAVINGS’ for rural districts.

Here’s the truth about Michael Doherty’s school funding plan - it’s not a sham, it’s an election year scam. We see it cast its ugly shadow every year, just like Groundhog’s Day. Mr. Doherty, along with his cohorts Parker Space, Steve Oroho and now Christie crony Harold Wirths, peddle a plan that would decimate our school system. What they won’t tell you is that every year this ill conceived idea is put on the table, it never gets a second look by the rest of the state and is tossed in the garbage.

The fact is our NJ Supreme Court upheld School Funding Reform Act ensures that our system works for students from all income levels as well as for those with special needs. It’s why NJ is ranked among the highest in the nation for public schools. This criterion is never going to change, but every year Space supports this flat funding scam that would certainly damage our local schools. These fake resolutions cost YOU the taxpayer money - for every bill that is proposed, 10’s of thousands of dollars are spent pushing that bill - and in Space’s case, pushing it into oblivion (only 6% of bills he was listed as a sponsor were passed in the 2016/17 legislative year).

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In this last budget pass, our district lost more school funding than any other in the state - it’s the premium we pay for sending ineffective, careless legislators to Trenton.

But that won’t stop Parker Space, Mike Doherty and Harold Wirths from trying - they’re morethan happy to throw your tax dollars away. They’ve grown very comfortable in their statehouse seats. This year and moving forward, they will never fly under the radar again.

Gina Trish

Candidate, NJ 24th District State Assembly