(12/P133) TRENTON – The Department of Environmental Protection is advising gasoline suppliers and distributors that they may accept shipments of gasoline from other regions of the country that have less stringent air pollution standards for fuel. This step is being taken to make more gasoline available in New Jersey and ease shortages occurring in many parts of the state as a result of supply disruptions caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Acting upon a request from the Christie Administration and other states affected by Hurricane Sandy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this week issued a waiver that allows the state to accept shipments of conventional gasoline available in other regions of the country to supplement stretched supplies of reformulated gasoline. Reformulated gasoline is a specially produced fuel that must be sold in New Jersey to improve emissions from automobiles.

“Throughout many parts of New Jersey, consumers have been having a hard time finding gas stations with fuel to sell,” DEP Commissioner Bob Martin said. “Many have had to wait in long lines or drive long distances because they have been unable to find stations that have any gasoline to sell at all. This temporary relaxation of the federal fuel standard will help ease those hardships.” 

On Wednesday, the EPA determined that an “extreme and unusual fuel supply circumstance” exists as the result of damage and power outages to petroleum storage and distribution facilities.
As a result, the EPA waived a requirement that RFG standard for New Jersey and other states until Nov. 20.  

For a copy of the EPA’s RFG waiver letter, visit: www.nj.gov/dep/docs/october-2012-fuel-waiver.pdf