NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — The Dorsett family from Dorsett Farms in Woolwich Township, N.J., was presented the Gold Medal Horse Farm Award by the Rutgers Equine Science Center on Nov. 9.

The award, part of the New Jersey Equine Environmental Stewardship Program, gives recognition to outstanding equine farms for their dedication to environmental sustainability and management.

According to the farm’s website, Larry and Ann Dorsett, owners and operators of Dorsett Arabian Horse Farm have dedicated much of the past 35 years to the loving care, breeding, training and sales of Arabian Horses.

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The couple manages the 70-acre farm themselves.  

Ann Dorsett is a certified member of the AHA’s Mentor Farm Program, sponsored by the Arabian Horse Registry. The mentor program is designed to introduce newcomers to the Arabian Horse breed. She has been fielding questions from Arabian Horse admirers in the Northeastern United States since its inception.

She  is also an active member of the County Board of Agriculture (usually reporting on horse related issues), the NJ Farm Bureau Delegate Advisory Board to the Equine Advisory Board of the New Jersey Board of Agriculture, and a member of the Woolwich Township Environmental Commission.

According to the ESC's website, the goal of the Gold Medal Horse Farm program is to promote public awareness of environmentally friendly horse farms and sustainability of agriculture. The award and overall program gives recognition to outstanding equine farms for their dedication to environmental sustainability and management. It also underscores the efforts of the New Jersey equine industry to maintain the beauty of the Garden State. The program is a collaborative initiative by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University (NJAES), the Rutgers Equine Science Center, and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA).

The program is open to all New Jersey horse farms. The farm must have an Animal Waste Management Plan and/or Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan in place. Beyond the two plans, awards are based on water quality, soil erosion, stream and water management, sanitation, and pasture, feed, and manure management. The overall aesthetics of the farm are also taken into consideration. After a thorough application and review process, four to five farms are selected annually to earn the distinct honor of being recognized as a Gold Medal Horse Farm.

Applications must be postmarked by June 15.

Information, including an application, fact sheet, and survey, can be found on the Equine Science Center’s website

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