People often say there is no reason to vote, but this year there is!  I would like to discuss a few candidates.  I am intrigued by there candidates for Assembly, and I know that I can only vote for two, but let’s start.  There is Michael Grace, a well rounded education, and a knowledge of the world of business.  He is running, as a Democrat, and he is teamed with Jacky Stapel, a woman of commonsense and compassion, which is something I have always valued, and I learned that notion from former Kennedy speechwriter and friend Theodore Sorensen.  It is the right combination to serve the public.

I cannot leave the Assembly race without mentioning Kenneth Collins of the Green Party. I got involved with him on a matter of commonsense to commuters on Route 206 in his area of Bryam.  I have seen his maturity on issues of importance, including saving a radio station. It seems to me that there is a need for third parties, as I once ran on one, thinking it was the Green Party, but I have seen the peace and compromise in the United Kingdom where the Liberal Party joined with the Conservatives in a coalition government, which is now ended with the last election.

I am also thinking voters should give Harvey Roseff, a look, after all the revelations that have come up against some of the incumbents on the Board. His notions on the waste of 911 in Sussex I brought up last year in a debate, and told I was wrong.  Well, now he is right, and the same goes for the solar idiocy, and violations at the college.  There is a need for change.

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Finally, in  local elections, I ask the voters of Sussex Borough to elect a bi-partisan team of Linda, Masson, a Republican,  Katherine Little, a Democrat, and Al Decker, also a Democrat.  Sussex has a future, and this is the contingent to lead.  In Frankllin, my good friend Pat Rowett is running for Mayor-give her a shot, and make her town historian.

If you disagree on my selections, get out and vote!  It is the American way!