On Nov 4th registered voters will be voting on a number of Federal, State, County and Municipal officials.  Voting is not only a right, but a wonderful privilege we have as Americans.  Please take the time to learn who you are voting for and what they stand for.  Having served on the Sparta BOE for over six years, I understand the time and effort it takes to fulfill this demanding position.  I also served for over a year with Mr. Bladek.  Unfortunately, I cannot endorse or ask anyone to vote for him and will be voting for Kylen Anderson, Doug McKernan and Melva Cummings.  I realize, Mr. Bladek is being supported by current BOE member Brenda Beebe and find so much of what she wrote about Mr. Bladek in her letter to the editor last week to be the exact opposite of my experience with him.

The BOE needs members of the community who are invested in the school district and want to see our students achieve even more than they are now.  It needs members who are willing to discuss, debate, work together and even disagree like adults.  The BOE needs members who will listen to the professionals, ask questions and give these professionals the respect they deserve instead of trying to play “gotcha” during a public meeting.  It needs members who will do more than just try and understand the district from the board room.  In business, very intelligent people disagree with each other on topics every day, yet do it with respect and consideration of the others point of view.

Kylen Anderson served on the Sparta Education Foundation for more than five years and brought the Krogh’s Turkey Trot to the SEF and has been the chair of that committee for eight years.  I know she is dedicated and invested in this district.  Melva Cummings was a music teacher in the Sparta School District for many years and understands the workings of the BOE and the School District.  Doug McKernan served for three years on the BOE previously and is coming back to try and provide some balance to the negative, finger pointing that is going on now.

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Please, as community members we need to vote responsibly and elect members to the Board of Education that actually care about this district and the students in this district.  Mrs. Cummings taught in this district and both Mrs. Anderson and Mr. McKernan actually have their children attending school in this district…they are invested in the district for the future of all of Sparta students.


Keith Smith