Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. will be opening its doors for two days offering two unique days of workshops, corporate family company launches, product unveilings, and a first look into new innovative technology for the automotive industry. Beginning with Friday, July 13, 2012, at 12pm, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. presents "Meet The Experts of Environmental and Economic Sustainability", where information will be presented on how to make your company more profitable while lessening carbon footprint. Presentations to include "The Science of Fuel Economy," by Michael Holler, a fuel economy expert, automotive industry influence, and author of "The Ultimate Fuel Economy Book". Beverly White of BKW Transformations Group Inc, will be sharing information on "The Art of Sustainability," focusing efforts on financial risk and liabilities and how that relates to the environmental picture. Al Cole, of CBS Radio and Live 365, radio personality and author, will be discussing the importance of Community Engagement." The day will conclude with the panel involved with a question and answer session.

On Saturday July 14, at 11am will begin the day with the official launch of The Alternative Press of Sussex County LLC, expanding its coverage in all 24 towns of the Sussex County region. A segment on how to use the tools of the media will be presented by the founder of The Alternative Press, Mr. Michael Shapiro. An introduction will be made of the advisory board, reporters, and marketing consultants who have joined the team. At 1pm will begin the Open Session of the Board of Directors/Shareholders meeting, with official introductions of the Board of Directors and the rest of the Extreme Team. On the slate of announcements are official launch of new project partners and new product unveilings, as well as a report of activity from around the United States. Also to warp up the announcements, Extreme's hiring initiatives and job creation plan will be made public.

"We are looking forward to the opportunity in engaging with our shareholders, our clients, project partners, and with local community, in announcing and launching some of our companies and new product lines that are a part of our corporate family," commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO/President of Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., "Our success in environmental and economic sustainability benefits all of the stakeholders, providing many new localized jobs that are systemic from all of the positive growth. The talent of individuals that are coming, have recognized our efforts, and have given me the opportunity in having the responsibility to lead Extreme and its corporate family companies. Mr. Al Cole from CBS Radio and Live 365, Beverly White of BKW, and fuel economy expert Mr. Michael Holler are fantastic contributors to the industry, and we are so honored to have them as a part of our movement."

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These two days of programming follows behind a week of technical and sales training of technicians and project partners from around the United States, who will be learning how to properly represent and install the SMART Emissions Reducer product line.

For more information please contact the office during normal business hours, 973-209-3450, to reserve your seat during the workshops. Space is limited.