Douglas County Sheriff’s Department (Oregon) vehicles will be attempting to become more environmentally friendly, while saving some green at the gas pump. A selected group of Douglas County Sheriff's Department vehicles have been chosen to be retrofitted with the SMART Emissions Reducer as a 90 day study, to see if the SMART Emissions Reducer will help the Sheriff's Department lower harmful emissions of vehicles they already have on the road. SMART Emissions Reducer offers the side benefit of fuel savings, assisting the Sheriff's Department in some budget relief at the fuel pump.

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. (of Ogdensburg, NJ) and Corporate Partner SMART Air Fuel Saver LLC of (FL), has dispatched their top technical team to handle the initial installation of the devices. Overseeing the project is the regional distributor, SMART Air Fuel Saver of Califorina LLC. Both teams will monitor the performance of the SMART device from an administrative and technical perspective, with input from Douglas County, where officials will report back their fuel economy results.

Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino will also test the new emissions saving device, a few of their pre-selected vehicles. Officials hope the retrofit to gasoline and diesel powered fleet vehicles attain yet lower emissions output while gaining significant increase in fuel economy. In effect, Beginning August 7, 2012, the two entities will test the SMART device over a 90-day trial period.

Barry Smith, client relations of SMART Air Fuel Saver LLC of California says, “Should the vehicles meet the expected lower emissions and fuel savings numbers, the devices are expected to provide significant emissions reduction and fuel economy benefits as well as lowering maintenance costs for the fleet, which will in turn reduce budget costs".

At the conclusion of the testing, emissions and fuel economy data will be reviewed. Upon completion of the review, Douglas County and Cow Creek will have an option to explore retrofitting their remaining fleet vehicles.

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"In Oregon, our endeavor is to provide significant savings for our customers' fuel budgets while also reducing toxic emissions, thereby extending the life of the engine," added Smith.

Douglas County Commissioner Doug Robertson says, "We are always looking for ways to economize and cut costs. Fuel is a big expense for Douglas County. If the emissions reducer delivers as advertised, it will save the County a lot of money."

Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. CEO/President, Samuel K. Burlum, who also is the Vice President of SMART Air Fuel Saver LLC, said that he was looking forward in partnering with Douglas County and Seven Feathers in testing the SMART device. “Our company is confident that the trial program will demonstrate positive results for Douglas County, and are proud to partner with a county that has taken the initiative to explore ways to lessen their carbon footprint, while saving taxpayer dollars.”

Seven Feathers Truck and Travel Center in Canyonville is now the first certified service center for this device on the West Coast and will have the product available for the general public soon. Douglas County is the first municipality on the West Coast to test and review this new technology.

Successful Programs in other regions of the country include the municipalities of Winnebago County Highway Department, Illinois, and City of West Palm Beach, Florida. The SMART Emissions Reducer is the only engine modification permissible by the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission. The SMART Emissions Reducer has been issued a CARB EO (California Air Resources Board Executive Order) #D-671 and does not void manufacturer warranty.

For more about SMART Emissions Reducer, visit the website, or  or call 973-209-3450.

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