United States Media Television, Inc. is proud to announce that Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. will appear on its TV program Today in America, with Terry Bradshaw (www.todayinamericatv.com).  The segment will next feature on popular CBS News affiliate KLAS TV Las Vegas  (http://www.8newsnow.com/category/5548/news).  The segment will air on December 7 and 14 at 12:30pm, and again on December 8 and 15, 2012, in the morning at 8:30 am. The segment can be seen online at: .

With few things in life more important than transportation, we are a very mobile civilization.  But the very system that moves us also pollutes our planet.  New technology is enabling cleaner transportation methods, but their acceptance is still sporadic at best.  The New Jersey based Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. is working to make the fuel and vehicles we use more efficient, burn more cleaner, and emit fewer pollutants and green house gasses.  Among the Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. product offerings are the SMART Emissions Reducer.  This product has had a high profile testing ground, including in testing the device has been local county and state governments, large business fleets, and independent testing labs.  The company has proven its technology with the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission, which allows for the city's "for hire" vehicles to retrofitted with the SMART device.

Staying true to their humble beginnings, Extreme Energy Solutions Inc., also consults with a wide range of clients and stakeholders on matters of environmental concern, risk, and mitigation, as well as offers sideline products such as Extreme Kleaner, Extreme Xtra Fuel Treatments, Nu-Path Logic, and the Sidewinder low emissions personal sport vehicle, that aide in greening our planet.  Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. professionals have been seen speaking on matters addressing green transportation solutions and innovative green supply chain development, at the World Green Energy Symposium (2012 in Washington D.C.) and Sustainability Summit (2012 in NYC powered by The Council). 

Extreme has also been featured on "People of Distinction", with CBS Radio's Al Cole, Voices of Success with Kjelene on NTR Radio, and Cablevision's Neighborhood Journal. 

Extreme has been recognized for their local contributions, assisting in local projects and causes in the community they are headquartered in.  Extreme has aided in sponsoring local 5k run fundraisers, food drives, lending space to non-profits to hold meetings, as well as contributing to a grant that saved a local recycling center.

Today in America with Terry Bradshaw scans the nation and the globe for interesting stories about business, industry and lifestyle and reviews them to provide entertaining TV.  Former NFL great Terry Bradshaw, who introduces the show, is recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in football history.  He was "All-American" at Louisiana Tech University before joining the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Bradshaw holds the distinction of being the first quarterback ever to win four Super Bowl Championships.  Within his football career behind him, Bradshaw became a television commentator for CBS Sports.  After a ten year tour with CBS, Terry Bradshaw moved to Fox Sports as one of the co-host and analysts on Fox NFL Sunday.