Instead of owning up to his votes against common-sense gun safety legislation in the New Jersey Assembly, Assemblyman Jay Webber continued to mislead voters at tonight’s League of Women Voters Candidate Debate.

“While Mikie Sherrill was working as a federal prosecutor to get illegal guns off of the street, Assemblyman Jay Webber voted against common-sense gun safety legislation, including background checks, protecting domestic abuse victims from gun violence, and magazine limits," said Sherrill campaign manager Mollie Binotto. "And no one need look any further than both his A rating and his recent endorsement by the National Rifle Association to see who Assemblyman Webber will support in Congress.”

Here are the facts:

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  • He’s repeatedly voted against comprehensive background checks. (A3748, 2013)

  • Assemblyman Webber has repeatedly voted to allow convicted domestic abusers (and those with restraining orders) to continue to hold a firearm. (A4218, 2015) (S805, 2016)

  • Assemblyman Webber voted against allowing cities and townships to establish weapons free zones around their schools. (A1387, 2013)

  • Assemblyman Webber voted against limiting magazine limits (A2761, 2018) (A2006, 2014) (A1329, 2013)

  • Assemblyman Webber abstained on a bill preventing individuals on the federal terrorist watch list from purchasing a firearm. (A3687, 2013)

In Congress, Mikie Sherrill will support universal background checks, bans on bump stocks and federal assault weapons, and making sure suspected terrorists and domestic abusers with restraining orders don’t have access to guns. She is proud to have the endorsement of Giffords, The Brady Campaign, and be named a Gun Sense Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action.