To the Editor:

I am not a big fan of gambling, as I have seen how two members of my extended family got caught up and almost had tragic lives with gambling!  Sports betting gives me problems knowing the damage it can do to families, and the issues that insider betting can have on sports, like the 1950s scandal on college basketball and point shaving or the 1919 Chicago “ Black” Sox in fixing the World Series or the Pete Rose gambling that has kept him out of the Hall of Fame.

I have seen the never ending commercials for FanDuel and DraftKings, and I agree with the proposed legislation by State Senator Jim Whelan of South Jersey that will make sure that such fantasy sport providers, as Fan Duel and DraftKings be checked for integrity in their operations, and that they be licensed by the Division of Gaming Enforced (DGE) in the same way as other internet gaming companies.

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The New York Times has recently alleged that employees of each operation used insider information against their competitors, and the Nevada Gaming Board has closed such sites in Nevada!  I also would also like to see the actual numbers of winners, and their winnings. I once worked on projects to help get Casinos in operation in Atlantic City, but I have seen the negative side of such sports betting. It is time to hold the public safe on the issue of sports betting.

I again support the State Senator in his efforts, and hope that bi-partisan support can be rendered.

Bill Weightman, Hardyston