To the Editor:  

Nicholas Burns, as a former Under Secretary, fully understands the nature of foreign policy, and is keenly aware of the need to have someone with experience.  With the again endless process of sanctions on North Korea, and their challenge of missiles and bombs that can hit our West Coast; we must have someone on the job to take that 3:00AM call in the night.  We also need to behind or in front of our Asian allies with the continuing problems of China in the South China Sea and the Pacific all the way back to the Philippines.

The United States must engage India to share a role in the South China Sea to curtail Chinese moves, and we need to make sure that Japan and South Korea are on board with us on the need to contain China peacefully in their region.  The Middle East is our failure in foreign policy, and Libya was better off with the former Libyan leader, but that is too late to argue.  Sanders does offer an abundance of issues on economic issues, but many will not get out of any legislate hopper! Bush is gone, Kasich is just about gone, and there is certainly no confidence in Trump, nor his major adversaries in the coming primaries.

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Putin is not a friend that Trump can deal with, but a violent psychopath that we must contend and compete with, while China is gobbling up our jobs and making soft power pay off everywhere with super trains built for East Europe, and development projects in Africa that lead to pay offs with resources, including oil and rare earth minerals.  I am not in favor of Clinton’s ties to Wall Street, but we are facing serious issues, and we need to navigate some turbulent waters on foreign policy.

Clinton gets the vote on foreign policy over all contenders, including Romney.  These are indeed the times that will try our souls. Clinton gets the nod in my book and in the remarks of Nicholas Burns.

Bill Weightman, Member of the Foreign Policy Association, Hardyston