The Center for Prevention and Counseling is extending an invitation to the community and school personnel (health teachers, school counselors, science teachers) to become trained in the use of Fatal Vision Alcohol Impairment Goggles and Fatal Vision Marijuana Impairment Goggles. This free professional training is being conducted by Wendy Cooney, Assistant  Professor of Criminal Justice at Sussex County Community College, Retired NJ State Trooper and Tina Aue, Director of Prevention Services, The Center for Prevention and Counseling.  The training will be held onMonday, May 16, 2017 from 10AM until 1PM at The Center’s satellite office at 65 Newton-Sparta Road, Newton, NJ.


Adults who oversee youth groups, schools, businesses, clubs, adult and youth organizations and anyone interested in alcohol or marijuana misuse prevention education is welcome to attend. This program offers an innovative approach to comprehending the impairing effects of alcohol and marijuana and, in addition to the very useful ‘hands-on’ involvement of the different exercises of the program, participants learn how to educate others on how susceptible people can become to potentially dangerous consequences from drug misuse. Fatal Vision Impairment Goggles are a great prevention tool and The Center encourages anyone who would like to borrow these professional kits to first, become trained in using them.


The Fatal Vision Simulation Experience Kits are awareness building tools that simulate the distorted processing of visual information, loss of motor coordination and slowed decision-making that results from alcohol or marijuana use. These kits is available for use through The Center for Prevention and Counseling for youth groups, schools, businesses, clubs and community organizations interested in utilizing innovative approaches to comprehending the impairing effects of alcohol and/or recreational marijuana use.  To register for this training, please call Tina at 973-383-4787 Ext. 239 or Email