The current Freeholder Board with the exception of two Freeholders makes political appointments without searches for qualified applicants in and out of the county.  Freeholder Graham should get kudos for his questioning on the appointment of Sarah Balzano.  Conveniently, the Freeholder Majority pushed this without a proper search of applicants; just as they did with the new County Administrator.

I have no quarrels with Sarah's qualifications, but I have not vetted her, and, I believe, searches should have been conducted in and out of the county with newspaper and other means of contact, including social media.  I am also concerned why these two appointments could not be made with the new incoming board where one of the incumbents was recently voted out, and the other two should be gone either by their retirement or recall!
Sussex County deserves better than the conflict of interest on a college board, a solar fiasco, involving three county governments and two companies of fools, coupled with the sale of a long valued nursing home.  Now we continue with politics, as usual with the problematic hiring!  The Freeholder Board must codify some better rules of conduct on all of the above issues soon.  Apathy and indifference are part and partisan with this conduct.
Bill Weightman,