SPARTA, NJ – For some snow is good for skiing or sledding, for others it’s a nuisance to be dealt with for the students and staff at Alpine Elementary School Tuesday, it was a chance to mix learning and fun.

On January 26, all of Sparta’s pre-kindergarten through second grade children and teachers had the opportunity to play in the snow with their classmates.  It was a day to remember

“Since most classrooms have been focusing their winter lessons on the theme of snow and snowmen, we thought it would be really fun to celebrate with a day in the snow,” said first grade teacher Amanda Lyons.  “Finally we got what we were waiting for…close to two feet of snow in Sparta this past Saturday.”

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The day began with a “Snow Song” written and performed over the loudspeaker by first grade teacher, Lydia Selitto, sung to the tune of Frozen’s Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

A Honeywell alert had been delivered to all of the parents advising them that students should come to school on Tuesday prepared with snow pants, boots, gloves, hats. Teachers chose a time to bring their class outside and the snow exploration began.

Students built snowmen bigger than themselves, as well as snow forts, tunnels, igloos and even snow couches. They also went sledding down the mountains created by the snowplows.

“Overall, the students were just thrilled to be outside,” said Lyons.

Once back in the classroom, snow-themed learning continued. Many classes also wrote about their experience outside. One class wrote letters to the principal, Joe Leone, attempting to persuade him to let them do this again.

Lyons said, “Hopefully we have begun a new tradition at Alpine School.”