SPARTA, NJ – Mohawk Avenue School was humming with the energy of third grade boys and their parents for the Fun with Son night.  The PTO had ten different game stations set up in the gym.  The minute-to-win-it style games had the boys and their parents competing and laughing together.

They marked on their score card a W or an L next to the events.  All games competed within 60 seconds earned the boys a trip to the prize bucket. 

They played

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Ready Spaghetti - with one end of a dry spaghetti in each players mouth they suspended an empty can  

Defying Gravity- do not let the balloon touch the ground

Magic Carpet Ride - scooching race to the finish line on a piece of carpet,

Stick the Landing - water bottle tossing,

A Bit Dicey - stack dice on a tongue depressor held in the teeth

Hut, Hut, Hike! - toss a toilet paper roll into a bin like hiking a football

Junk in the Trunk - wiggle a ping-pong ball out of a tissue box tied behind your back

Lego Fire Walk - instead of hot coals, walk on a path of lLegos in your socks.

Stick to it,


After playing hard, they moved to the cafeteria for pizza, salad and goldfish.

Defying gravity was a favorite for Nicky and Jude.

Thomas, Aneesh, Adrian liked Hut, Hut, Hike the best.

The top choice for Christopher was bowling.  For James it was the Magic Carpet Ride. 

Liam preferred to Stick the Landing. Ben and Robert said the Lego Fire Walk was their number one game. 

Organizers said there were 16 volunteers who worked to put together the fun night, the boys turn after the girls had their Daughter Dance last month.