The Kiwanis Ducks are rarin'  to go. Recently freed from their Secret Winter Quarters, these intrepid water fowl are ready to flex their muscles against the current of the Mighty Walkill River. The famous Sparta Duck Races will be featured once again on Sparta Day, June 2, at Station Park. 

Few local or international events rival the excitement generated by cheering your duck through the swirling current and snares fraught with peril. Few events capture so well the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. The program this year will feature three races, and they are guaranteed by the Kiwanis Racing Commission to be all they are quacked up to be. But you gotta be in it to win it. 

A Duck costs $5 per race. The winner receives a Gift Card valued at 100 times that!  Imagine the excitement generated in the park as frantic folks watch all their Abe Lincolns jockeying for a place in the winner's circle.! 

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And do you know the best part?  In this, as in every year, all the Duck Race proceeds are earmarked for the Kiwanis' Scholarship Program to be awarded to students from our three local high schools.

The Kiwanis has proudly been helping worthy students with college expenses since 1984. To date the program has awarded $485,000 to our local recipients.  And the Sparta Kiwanis has always been gratefully aware that these awards result from the continuous caring and generosity of you, our local benefactors.  Kiwanis is only the medium. You are the fund.  No matter which duck wins, the honors belong with all of you.  Plan to buy a Duck, or three, (one for each race).  The ducks will be on sale at various locations around town and also at the Park on race day.  Remember.. life is not a spectator sport.  When the bugler blows "Post Time" he will be blowing it for you! 

Kiwanis meets at 7 P.M. every Thursday at Homer's Restaurant on the Newton-Sparta Road. There is always a need for you. Interested?  Join us for dinner and learn all about us.  Call Stu at 973 - 459 - 0194