Skylands is holding a raffle to support with Hayden's medical bills.  

Raffle Tickets: 1 for $50 and 5 for $100  There will be 5 chances to $150 Skylands credit for hockey tryouts or Black Diamond.  Grand prize $2000 

Tickets will be on sale at Skylands.  Monday - Thursday evenings or contact Maria Bars or Brad Myers

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From the family:

Hayden is a sweet, athletic, playful and loving little boy.  His beautiful smile can light up a room.  What he enjoys most is playing, watching and talking about hockey! Go Rangers!

Three months after Hayden's 7th birthday while putting his ice skates on he complained about his foot hurting.  This began our journey to determine what was causing the foot pain.  An MRI, PET Scan, biopsies of the tumor in his foot, bone marrow and lymph nodes were all conducted during the February.

Hayden has Metastatic Ewing Sarcoma,.  It is a type of cancer or tumor that usually occurs in the bones or the soft tissues around the bones.  The cancer began in his left foot and has spread to his lungs.

February 27, 2017 marked the first day of Hayden's fight against cancer.  The treatment plan for Metastatic Ewing Sarcome involves a combination of chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumor in his foot and radiation of his lungs.  His treatment will last about 15 months.

He will no longer attend the 1st grade with his friend as a result of a compromised immune system and will receive home instruction when he is not feeling the effects of the chemotherapy.  The support and generosities we have received from family friends and even those who do not even know Hayden, is extremely humbling and greatly appreciated by our entire family.