Elen (Team Nest Builder Team Concierge) and Teresa (Marketing/PR Manager) thank you wholeheartedly for your gardening advice! Both have moved into PART 2 of their gardening projects---check out their progress, challenges and next steps below. 

Elen's lovely little seedlings sprouting.

Close-up of Rockaway veggies to come!

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Initial Goal: To grow an organic vegetable garden, including tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, radishes, potatoes and more on her garage rooftop. 

Initial Challenges: How to transport water up to the rooftop, and how to find time to garden with 2 young twins. 

Update: Elen faced a surprise NEW challenge upon realizing how much accumulates on a garage roof and breezeway after three years of neglect--cue massive cleaning. Another challenge has been finding organic vegetable seeds. In order to plant, Elen’s husband Dave built a planter and they incorporated planters from the Christmas Tree Shop. To bring the water to the rooftop, they put a splitter on the back of the house and dragged up a hose. Moving forward, Elen’s decided to add edible flowers to her mix because it'll attract more pollinators. (And she’s hoping mixing edible flowers with vegetables will inspire her children to consume more vegetables!) 


Sparta garden, cleaned and ready to plant!



Initial Goal: Create an organized, lovely butterfly garden. 

Initial Challenge: Thwart an evil vine that has been choking the garden. 

Update: Teresa followed reader advice, and cut out the vine, then poured vinegar on the roots, tore out the roots, and worked lime into the soil. She’s now ready to plant (as soon as the weather clears up) but searches for healthy, local, easy-care, flowering perennials is proving to be a new challenge. 

Got any ideas for our two gardens?  Post your comments here! We'd love to hear your advice!