As candidates running to represent Sussex, Warren, and Morris Counties in the State Legislature, my running mate Kate Matteson and I are spending quite a bit of time learning about the needs of Hopatcong residents.  As we knock on doors and make phone calls, one of the complaints we hear regularly is that the State has severely neglected Lake Hopatcong.  This is a travesty.  We know that the Christie Administration, enabled by Lake Hopatcong’s one-party delegation to the State Legislature, has intentionally slashed funding by half a million dollars a year for the Lake Hopatcong Commission, which is responsible for keeping the lake clean. All of our region’s lakes, including Lake Hopatcong, are a vital resource. Not only do our lakes provide beautiful scenery and open space, but they also draw tourists and support local business. Kate and I understand that investing in our environment is a direct investment in the economic health of our district.

With our incumbent’s 27% scorecard from the  NJ League of Conservation Voters and Governor Christie’s well-known anti-environment stance, is it any wonder Northwest New Jersey’s lakes are in this state of severe neglect?

Since 2012, our representatives have been playing politics with the lake’s funding and have failed their constituents.  They have settled and they have asked, you, the taxpayer, to settle for less year after year.  The time has come to open the door to new ideas and solutions to getting back on track.

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As your assemblywomen, Kate and I will be part of a new bipartisan group of nine state legislators who represent communities on Lake Hopatcong.  We will work with these colleagues and the Democratic majority in the State Legislature to do what our current representatives have not been able to do- secure the resources to adequately care for Lake Hopatcong. We will work to make sure the annual cleanup of Lake Hopatcong is fully funded by the State.

As the largest lake in the state, Hopatcong deserves representatives who will fight to keep it clean, weed free, sustainable, and fully usable. Gina and I are not political insiders playing politics.  We will be working with the majority party, and we have a lot to offer our district. We will bring your hard-earned tax dollars back from Trenton to invest in our most precious economic and environmental resources.

Very truly yours,

Gina Trish

Democratic Candidate for State Assembly 

Trish & Matteson for Assembly