July 3rd, 2017
    Governor Christie is the only one enjoying Island Beach State Park this holiday weekend, proudly and without regrets.  Meanwhile, the people of the state of New Jersey, especially the hard-working families who expect to be able to enjoy our state’s parks on July 4th every year, will go without.  Why? Because our Assembly simply would not cave to Gov. Christie’s outrageous demand to include a raid on Horizon’s surplus as part of New Jersey’s 2018 Budget. A raid that would cost rate payers by raising already skyrocketing premiums.  A typical Christie-style assault on the working people of New Jersey!

The closure of state parks and facilities in Sussex, Warren, and Morris Counties will result in major loss of revenue not only for our parks, but for local businesses on this busy holiday weekend.  Not to mention the camping, fishing, and swimming that the families of the area missed out on all because of Trenton infighting.    

This is the irresponsible bully-style governing that the people of the State of New Jersey will finally vote out in November.  We want a governor and legislators who will put the people first.  When the government shuts down, a responsible legislator would be working furiously to find a solution. Our assembly incumbent Parker Space is clearly aware of the Governor’s historically low approval rating, yet he chooses to blame the entire situation on the Democrats.  Well, our Senator has already sided with the Sweeney approved Horizon raid, so we assume he is blaming him as well?

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Gina and Kate will be united representatives who have your back.  We won’t leave when the going gets tough.  We won’t shrug our shoulders and go on vacation.  We are not the entitled elite.  We are people, the working people of New Jersey.  We will stand with our constituents through tough times.  If that means canceling a vacation or staying off a closed beach, it’s a no brainer for your next two Assemblywomen.


Yours truly,

Kate Matteson

Gina Trish

Trish and Matteson for Assembly