Tonight, 6/28, a brand new program will make it's debut here at Pass It Along. We would like to introduce So...Life! The acronym "So..Life" stands for: Self Observation ... Love Impact Fulfill Explore. This dynamic 10-week program is driven by exploring who you are and developing the confidence and strength to fulfill your potential.

The objectives of this program are to explore avenues of each persons’ life to help them reach destinations by highlighting strengths and interests with a focus on the future. Participants will focus on making goals, and the journey to make those goals more efficient, productive, and enjoyable. Participants will also dispute fears and obstacles and embrace personal challenges and overcome them by understanding the abundance of possibilities one holds.

This program starts with five weeks of workshops centered around skill building and five weeks of exercise, guest speakers/guest instructors, hikes and volunteer work. This program is open to teens in the community (ages 14-23).

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Come experience a judgment-free group while receiving/giving encouragement, build leadership skills, become more confident, resilient and compassionate and uncover intrinsic qualities (i.e., know yourself from the inside out).

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, let’s discover them together. Sign up now at With questions, email