Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing  Michael Shapiro on Blog Radio! Michael is the  Publisher and Owner of the TAPINTO franchise, which was developed                                                          originally by Michael and his wife Lauren in 2008, who  both sought to provide their town’s residents with an “all-online, objective , independent daily local newspaper.” 

Newspaper coverage has lessened for small towns and big ones, as well. Some mergers are leading to some serious issues, and thus a need to inform the public is essential on pure news and local news. TAPINTO is filling that voice, and there is no one site fits all. Michael and his franchise members work together.

There are no editorial pages in TAPINTO, and that trend continues in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and South Carolina , with more than 8,000,000, readers during the past year.  There are some 60 to 80 franchises in many New Jersey towns, with two in my home county of Sussex! The TAPINTO online news allow letters and opinion pieces!

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I should note that there are more than 1 million subscribers in New Jersey. Michael is looking out West to possibly to New Mexico, and there are some exciting technological progresses issue brewing in New Jersey.  TAPINTO is growing, and I have known Michael from his days arguing for citizen newspapers back in 2008! His papers are heavily involved in charitable issues. 

Bill Weightman, Hardyston