Sometimes even I think I’m crazy for running and serving in public office.  Between fulfilling all my duties in my full time job, all my duties as a Dad, and all my volunteer work in town, it can be a challenging venture.  As hard is it can sometimes be, public service has been part of my life as long as I can remember.  Whether it has been serving the public in my role as a Federal Agent, serving the membership in the ILA, or serving Sparta and Sussex County in volunteer roles and elected positions, it’s my way of giving back to the people and community that have given so much to me.  


As our world grows crazier by the day, I realize more and more that our county, and especially my home town Sparta, is a special place.  I take my oath and duty that the office comes with extremely serious, and the responsibility I put on myself to serve my friends, family and neighbors is what drives me.  I’ve lived in many states, cities and towns during my tenure with the US Government, and that experience helped me to see Sparta’s uniqueness.  I didn’t understand or appreciate it growing up here, but then when you start thinking about where you want to raise children, your perspective changes.  


When you look at candidates, their statements and history, it’s not hard to see their special interests, and personal agendas.  So let me just be completely upfront and honest about what I would like to get done.  I believe there is a lot of money that we can save the tax payer by working together to achieve more shared services with our school district.  I want to foster a walkable, shopable, downtown Sparta, including a beautiful town center park.  This is something I was working on before I left, and I know it’s something that both Christine Quinn and I are both dedicated to.  Smart development in our downtown business district is something that our opponents have criticized, but it will continue to be part of our plan to help our business community.  All of this, while protecting the beauty of Sparta and having a healthy successful business community, because we CAN have both.  Building a healthy business community also contributes to our tax base, ultimately helping to lower property taxes.  Chris Quinn and I will continue our work building up our recreation programs and facilities, including better playgrounds for our families and younger Spartans.  Our goal is a vibrant, healthy Sparta. One that encompasses things for our youngest of Spartans all the way up to our oldest.  Including additional senior housing so we don’t lose some of our best Spartans.  Those who have helped shape and mold Sparta should be able to afford to live out their years here.

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I make my decisions with the thought that I have look myself in the mirror, and look my children in the face knowing I did what I believe is right.  I justify my time away from my family because I am dedicated to leaving a better world for my children, and yours (a better Sparta at least).  And don’t just take our words for it. Simply ask around, and let our fellow Spartans attest to our honest and loyal character.  I look forward to continuing my public service for you and Sparta.



Josh Hertzberg

Sparta Town Council Candidate