Over the past several weeks it’s clear that we are no more immune to divisive, national-level political tactics than we are to COVID19.  Our opponents cannot, or choose not to present clearly their accomplishments, nor do they provide any type of tangible strategy to better our community.  Instead, they chose to divide our great community by launching inaccurate judgment-based accusations which are not based in fact – but in their own reality.

Part of their strategy is to reach out to a targeted section of our community, that they focus on purely for votes.  To this targeted section, they have  purported  inaccurate information designed to infuriate and divide, following up with a false promise of how they will fix it for that select group.  The second leg of their strategy is to launch a divisive campaign designed to assault current leadership.  This is crafted with one objective – to push a narrative that casts doubt and spawns yet more division.  This is their strategy on how to capture any votes outside their targeted vote-base.  Sound familiar?  Yes, National politics has found its way to Sparta.

Although being offended and playing the victim has become business as usual for some -  it’s new to Sparta.  This local election has become particularly nasty, and it’s not hard to see what has changed.

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Hertzberg and Quinn have been in Sparta a combined 50 years.  For decades, we have dedicated our time volunteering and serving  in local organizations and town politics.  Throughout that time, we have not ever seen this -  our opponents got involved.  Rest assured that this has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats, it has to do with a small radical movement bent on destroying our society (more specifically our community) and dividing us through hate and rhetoric. Our campaign will not be sucked into this game.  We  will continue to promoting our strong Spartan values with common sense policy.

Our opponents had scheduled a meet and greet event this past weekend for their campaign.  Didn’t know about it?  Then you are not in their “selected target audience”.  (We certainly were not invited, nor were candidates from the BOE).  They claim to have canceled, and that is their prerogative and you're right.  Similarly, please don’t infringe on our right to remain within state regulations to join friends and fellow Spartans in a meet and greet outdoor in a safe manner.

I hope we can all keep some resemblance of decorum throughout the rest of this race, our Sparta families deserve that. --


Hertzberg and Quinn