The long awaited turf field is near completion and let me say it looks to be state of the art and beautiful.  I could not be happier for the students, athletes, marching band & color guard who get to use the field this up coming season.  The first game scheduled to be on the new field is the boys Soccer on September 6th @ 4:00 p.m..  I look forward to attending games and events on the field this season and in the future with my family.   

According to the superintendent, we have spent $3.1 million on this field.  We also spent an additional $3k on “branding our district” for the sketch of a spartan head.

At the August 12th Board of Education meeting I inquired about the midfield “S” on the new turf field.  The midfield “S” was neither Sparta’s new Spartan logo nor the typical block “S” associated with Sparta.

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I was told that this would be looked into and possible changes could be done.  I stated that in order to fix this issue, it would cost the taxpayers money.  The superintendent replied by saying, “not necessarily.”

I attended the next Board of Education meeting on 8/26 expecting an update.  I was disappointed when this subject was not followed up on. 

I understand that the use of the wrong S or the lack of use of the newly paid for (by the taxpayers) logo does not directly negatively impact the student’s experience on the turf field.  It is the lack of attention to detail on such a large project that is concerning.  The absence of follow through is disturbing.  I would like to know if it can be fixed, and if so, how much additional would it cost the taxpayers?

I am a Sparta guy who is proud of the history of our town and of our sports teams, from little league on through to high school.  I am proud of the block “S” that has been used for decades and that truly represents Sparta.  It is that sense of history that I want represented to our future generations coming through our sports programs and education system.

I am running for Sparta’s Board of Education with Kim Bragg and Niamh Grano.  Please follow our Facebook page.  We are #3, #4, and #5 on the ballot