I wonder how many are aware of the recall effort on Hopatcong Mayor Sylvia Petillo in 2009. Obviously Petillo remained as Mayor, but at what cost besides the dozen workers affected in a layoff of DPW employees. Privatization appears to be Petillo’s solution for budget cuts and decisions. What will she do on the County level?

We already know about Mayor Petillo’s ethics issue in 2011 when she broke local government ethics law using borough money to send a mailer to homes advocating the passage of a referendum she supported. Regular citizens don’t have that ability. However, pleading ignorance of the law and claiming no personal benefit got her off the hook with only a fine as her appeal was denied.

This brings us to the firing range issue. A “land grab” of publically funded property developed and constructed with no public records, no public input nor public approval. Were there site plans? Blueprints? DEP approval considering this was constructed on a Natural Preserve Area? This is a total disregard of government transparency. What about neighboring municipalities?  Too bad if the noise disturbs them?

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 If elected, how will Mayor Petillo handle SCMUA decisions considering her husband’s status as Chairman? This is a true conflict of interest and suspicious whether Petillo recuses herself from SCMUA decisions or not.

Let’s not forget, it was Hopatcong current Freeholder Director George Graham discussed Executive session issues with also under investigation.

George and Sylvia are good at accusing others of negativity. They need to realize what’s in their own backyards.

Yes, this is some tag team and there’s more.

By the way, the only position Dave and I have about Solar is we know how not to waste money with two phone calls. Investigate, yes. Spend $500k, no.

Kathleen Gorman

Gray and Gorman for Freeholder