SPARTA, NJ- Daniel Johnson, Sparta High School announced the March Students of the Month at the last board of education meeting.  Each of the departments in the school recognize a student for exhibiting characteristics they feel represent the school well.

For the Mathematics department Alana Claffey was named.  According to her teacher Johnessa Antonelli, she "is a very hard working, dedicated, comes in early, stays late, has dedicated Saturday mornings to AP study at school, all to be more comfortable with the material.  She is a role model in class and always tries to keep everyone positive."   These are all attributes Antonelli  "appreciates deeply."

Sirena Adessa was nominated to represent the science department.  Her Human Ecology teacher says she is an active and successful student in her science class and Ecology/Recycling club and Chestnut tree restoration project on Sparta Mountain.  "In both class and club Sirena takes on a leadership role and assumes responsibilities without being asked.  She has maintained an A average in class throughout the year and participated in the Envirothon competition on May 3.

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Sophomore Courtney McKenna has been recognized by the English department.  "Courtney is very dedicated to her school work and is an active participant in class.  She helps others when the students are working  in groups and is just a great person: smart, kind and modest.  Also , Courtney wants to learn from her mistakes.  She always volunteers and puts herself out there and is she is wrong she will take note of her mistake and correct it," according to her teacher.

Currently enrolled in the Intermediate Sculpture class, Junior Jessica Rogers represents the Art department.  Her teacher explains, "she excels in everything she does in sculpture.  She is creative and goes above and beyond with her projects.  She is a hard worker who is not afraid to challenger herself."   Rogers has taken 2D art as well and is known for her talent in many different mediums.

Freshman John Murzak takes both French and German classes and is the World Language student of the month for March.  His language teachers say he takes his studies seriously and is a joy to have in class.

Veronica LaBelle has been recognized by the Music department.  In addition to singing with the Women's Choir, Honors Choir, Schacapella at Sparta High School, LaBelle is a teaching assistant for the Freshman choir. LaBelle has also placed fifth in a field of 200 students in her audition for All State Choir as an Alto 2.  This also makes her eligible to apply for the National Association of Music Educators next year.

The Technology, Career and Consumer Science department have recognized Spencer Winberry.  His teacher says, "Spencer Winberry is a student who is extremely energetic and loves to work with his hands.  In Materials Processing and Home Technology, Spencer's ambition and excitement is evident every day.  Spencer shows a strong willingness to help others."

Steven Vocaturo is the Physical Education Student of the Month.  Vocaturo's teacher says, "Stephen always participates well, has a great attitude and is super cooperative, kind to others and respectful.  Awesome student."

The Guidance department names Sebastian Cook as their March student of the month.   They explain Sebastian Cook is a hard working student who was recently an Eisenhower Leadership Award Winner.  This award goes to high school juniors who exhibit exceptional performance and potential in the areas of academics, athletics, community service , good citizenship and leadership.