SPARTA, NJ – Township Manger Bill Close announced minor water restrictions for the area of town supported by Highland Well #2.  Beginning immediately, the odd even system will affect the homes in Boulder Ridge and a portion of Glen Road and Sparta Mountain.

  • Angelo Drive
  • Belair Drive
  • Boulder Ridge Crossing
  • Brentwood Court
  • Castlewood Trail
  • Concord Trail
  • Crestview Lane
  • Crystal Rock Rad
  • Daniel Drive
  • Deanna Terrace
  • Doe Run
  • Dorothy Drive
  • Edison Road
  • Edison Terrace
  • Elora Lane
  • Fairmont Road
  • Fox Trail Road
  • Frederick Place
  • Ginger Lane
  • Glen Road
  • Haywards Road
  • Hidden Glen Drive
  • King Alex Court
  • Lancer Street
  • Linden Drive
  • Lindsay Lane
  • Mackenzie Court
  • Megan Terrace
  • Mill Creek Road
  • Milton Road
  • Mount Pleasant Road
  • Natasha Cour
  • Pheasant Walk
  • Sir Arthur’s Court
  • Summer Tree Run
  • Stonebridge Road
  • Waters Edge Road

The restrictions will be limited to outdoor watering and washing without a nozzle on the hose.  “You can still water your plants and wash your car if your hose has a nozzle,” said Close. “You just can't wash off the driveway for example.”

More than one factor has led to this minimal restriction. 

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“The Highlands Well #2 is off-line for a complete redevelopment: new well house, new treatment addition of an emergency generator, new piping and more,” said Phil Spaldi, Director of Utilities. “This well is our highest production well in the Highlands system.  With this well off-line, the remaining wells are asked to carry the water demand; they run longer and more often.

“Maintaining demand with the remaining wells is difficult and creates and over-pumping condition.  When the well draws water down below the aquifer level, we begin pumping air,” said Spaldi. 

This situation can cause the water to have a milky or carbonated appearance.  This is simply to do excess air.  “It is safe to drink,” said Close.

“Conservation practices help to regulate unnecessary water demands and take some stress off the wells,” said Spaldi.

Another factor in the restrictions is the limited rainfall this spring.  “Lower than usual water static levels in the aquifer certainly contribute to over-pumping conditions we are experiencing and are also trying to avoid,” said Spaldi.

The scope of work required to bring the well back on line will require the several months.  “This is not a project that can be completed quickly.  [The] Highlands #2 well will not be online during the 2015’s peak demand season of June through September when outside water use is most common.”

After the repairs are made the NJDEP must approve the rebuilt system.  Then the well will be reactivated and the restrictions can be lifted, “assuming all other system components remain the same and there is not overriding NJDEP statewide ban issued at the same time.” said Spaldi.  “We have every intention to have the full system back up and running without restrictions for the 2016 peak demand season.”