SPARTA TOWNSHIP, NJ - Rachael Paulson, author and founder of Hands on the World Global (HOW Global) attended Mohawk Avenue School in Sparta Township on June 20, to give the preschoolers a PowerPoint presentation on “Water is Life! – Caring and Helping Others.”

Paulson previously visited the school district a month before Earth Day to propose a campaign for “World Water Day,” where students from Mohawk Avenue School and Alpine Elementary School decorated the label of their own water bottle and collected coins to raise awareness and funds for clean water in Haiti and Kenya. Click here for previous article.

The preschoolers from Mohawk Avenue School raised over $1,200 for the cause, whereas the first and second grade students from Alpine Elementary School raised over $5,000.

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The students created a beautiful mural for HOW Global which depicts the students' handprints popping with very bright colors.

Several meaningful humanitarian words such as “love,” “life,” “dream,” “imagine,” and “cherish,” strikingly decorate the palms of the handprints.

Paulson has several other murals ornamented with children’s handprints from around the globe.

The room was full of preschoolers who remembered Paulson’s previous visit where she told them she would be going to Kenya.

Paulson described her visit to Kenya as, “People still living in tribes as they live off the land,” in regard to having to use only land resources because Kenyans do not have local stores or shops  to purchase their goods. “There is no electric, it is very dusty with dirt everywhere. Children are covered in dust and bugs.”

Since over $10,000 was raised, Paulson was then able to build a well.

More special material had to be purchased for the well because the walls started caving in. Although this posed as a dilemma at first, the "after" result was astounding.

“Not only did we hit water,” Paulson continued, “but we hit a river of water which shot up from the ground. It can now produce a greenhouse and grow crops.”

“Every single one of you brought back a water bottle saved a life,” Paulson told the students.

Paulson then began to show pictures on the PowerPoint presentation to the children.

One slide showed Paulson wearing elegant handmade jewelry as she explained, “The women in Africa make this jewelry. I am hoping that when I go back I can return to the U.S. with a bunch of necklaces.”

African women create this jewelry in order to help their children as Paulson showed another picture of her wearing a very lovely decorated headpiece, “The woman make these beautiful presents because they have nothing else to give. It is their way of saying ‘thank you.’”

Another picture showed the drilling process with children huddled around it.

“The children all came out and surrounded the truck to learn about the drilling process for water in Kenya,” said Paulson.

A picture on the presentation also showed young African females with their heads shaved as Paulson described, “The reason the young girls shave their heads is because they cannot clean their hair.”

Not having hair is much easier for the children because without clean water, they are not fully able to remove excess dust, dirt, oil and bugs from it.

Paulson then went on to tell the children about the special school she visited, which she refers to as the “Lion School.”

The “Lion School” Paulson visited in Kenya, along with a tribal man who had to come along with a stick in case lions did come in contact, has absolutely nothing for its students. The school was desperate for Paulson’s help and begged HOW Global to contribute to their situation.

Paulson plans on helping that school in 2014 with the help from the sister schools who partake in the HOW Global mission.

Teacher Michelle Abbate from Mohawk Avenue School contacted Alex Cable, Founder and President of ThorLabs after she saw a previous article about ThorLabs matching the funds raised (click here for article).

ThorLabs became excited and is now on board to help mach the funds.

HOW Global will be visiting Haiti this summer to celebrate the projects being completed.
"How Global Inc. is a Sparta, NJ -USA based nonprofit organization that has organized water filters, water wells, water repairs, extension of piping and startup of food gardens for school villages in Africa and Haiti. All of their work in these villages includes educational workshops. Local author and founder of HOW Global, Rachael Paulson, will visit defined villages of Africa and Haiti and organize projects with the funds raised by your organization."
If your school is interested in being a sister school to HOW Global you can visit their website at or email Rachael Paulson at

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