SPARTA, NJ – Every student at Mohawk Avenue School participated in a unique project to brighten up the cafeteria.  Christy Ferrigno a parent who is a graphic artist offered to create a mural.  Principal Laura Trent quickly and gratefully accepted the offer.

On Monday Ferrigno drew the outlines on the wall.  Every student took a turn adding paint to the project.  The whole mural was completed by Thursday. 

Ferrigno’s son also played a role in the design.  When explaining it would represent all different kinds of children, “we are all different and all unique,” her son then asked why there was not a handicapped child depicted.  “So I added it,” said Ferrigno. 

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Also incorporated in the design were “call outs” or words that represent “learning profiles to make them well rounded and successful learners,” said former art teacher Ferrigno.

“We love it,” said Laura Trent.

Ferrigno is the creative director at Creative Designs.