It has only been but a week or so since Donald Trump become our 45th President, and it would appear as if he has already done more good for our country than President Obama did in 8 years. I know it’s far too soon to judge, as I’m sure there will be things I disagree with; yet thus far I am very impressed.

First and foremost, I admire the President for taking a stand for some basic Christian values by re-instituting the “Mexico City Policy”, which blocks taxpayer dollars from funding foreign non- governmental organizations that promote or perform abortions. I am proudly Pro-Life, and believe that for each and every precious life we could save, the better.

The orders that Trump has signed to restrain the cancerous growth of big bloated government and useless bureaucracy, such as the federal hiring freeze and regulatory freeze, are common sense reforms that have been long, long overdue. Also, by issuing the Executive Order to exempt people from the taxes, regulations, fees, and penalties of Obamacare, Mr. Trump is so refreshingly telling the government to back down and take the people’s side for once.

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On jobs, he scrapped the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that would’ve done nothing for the American worker, and would’ve made the U.S. subject to certain foreign laws- thus violating our Constitution and national sovereignty. He has ordered an investigation into voter fraud, which whether or not it happened, it cannot hurt to ensure honest elections.

He has approved the Keystone XL and North Dakota Access pipelines: Despite hysterical objections for the far-left environmental movement, the Keystone pipeline is the most reviewed pipeline in the history of the United States, and by Hillary Clinton’s own State Department was found to have minimal impact on the environment. As for the North Dakota pipeline, it does not cross any land owned by the Indian tribe; it is entirely underground.

There are already 8 other pipelines in that area, and they’re moving the water 70 miles away from the pipeline just in case. Besides, transporting oil through pipelines is safer than doing so by train. Clearly this isn’t about the tribes, and this isn’t about clean air and water; this is about activists holding our economy, good paying jobs, and energy production hostage to blind ideology that is absent of facts, logic, and common sense.  

To top it off, President Trump has ordered these pipelines to be built with steel manufactured only in the U.S., now that’s what I call a man of the people.

Perhaps one of the biggest promises Mr. Trump made was for real immigration reform. The President issued two Executive Orders that together will hire 5,000 new border agents, 10,000 new ICE agents, end Obama’s “catch and release” policy- which allowed illegal immigrants caught at the border to be granted asylum in the U.S., deny funding to sanctuary cities -who purposely violate federal immigration law, prioritizes deporting criminal aliens, and best of all, begins planning/construction of the wall. All President Trump is doing is enforcing decades of immigration laws that’ve been passed but not enforced.

The lawlessness and utter insanity is finally beginning to end; but of course there is still more to do. Trump even promised to have federal authorities intervene in Chicago if the increasing violence and out of control bloodshed do not end. Overall, President Trump, unlike President Obama and most politicians, is working so hard to actually keep his promises, and to change things that so desperately need to be changed.

I hope he repeals Obama’s transgender bathroom order, and begins to do things with Congress such as school-choice, repeal/replacing Obamacare, tax reform, and hopefully some reductions in federal spending- to name a few things. I pray that God would bless President Trump and his administration, and that God would be with our people in these times.

Alec J Vento