June 14, 2020, To [Pete] Litchfield,  

Thank you for your response to my previous letter about wearing masks in public.  You mentioned many wars that were fought,  but did not mention what war you fought in. Thank you for your service.  I still think that you should wear a mask in public during the pandemic….simple statement relevant to the time.

My uncle served in  WWII as a sergeant in the army in the African and Italian  fronts.   My favorite client from Newton,  a career service man, was killed in Vietnam, and his name is engraved on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D C.  My stepson retired from the Navy a number of years ago as a Commander,  F14 pilot and war hero with flight missions in Bosnia and Iraq.  He retired with military honors from the Naval War Academy in Rhode Island with accolades and citations from the administration, and Admirals, international visitors, from many countries.

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His cousin was the Marine Captain who participated in the taking of Bagdad,  and an advisor to the armed forces in Afghanistan to get military supplies through the mountains without their being destroyed.  ABC did a documentary on him when he was attached to the United States Consulate in Latvia.

So, before you prejudge my mindset about military service and how I run my business during the pandemic, ask me.  Brave men whom I love and admire,  astonishing feats of courage and sacrifice for this nation.  

Nancy Parker