SPARTA, NJ - Seventy-eight students in Heather Falotico and Laura Meade’s sixth grade Language Arts classes at Sparta Middle School participated in the New Jersey Devils “Stick With It” reading challenge.  Over a four-week period, their students read over 56,000 minutes and each was rewarded with a Stick With It foam puck, sunglasses, and drinking cup.  

"The NJ Devils 'Stick With It' reading challenge pushed our students to commit to a challenge and see it through,” said Falotico. “They read more than ever, celebrating and supporting each other along the way.

“It's awesome to have organizations in our community that support our students in their reading journeys. Students were heard chattering about their book selections and making recommendations in the halls and at lunch."

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In addition to the three prizes, the top readers received a t-shirt.  The top readers were:

  • Luca Budofsky read for 3,415 minutes
  • Jack Budofsky read for  2,577 minutes,
  • Shaelin Murhphy read for 2,261 minutes
  • Matthew Byrnes read for 1, 895 minutes and
  • Brielle Englert read for 1,020 minutes

“The students were extremely excited when we told them about the ‘Stick With It’ reading challenge,” said Meade. “I work with students who struggle with reading, and because of their struggles, they are reluctant readers. I have found that the forty book challenge along with the ‘Stick With It’ challenge has really enhanced their reading experiences. All of my students have read more this year than any other year. The NJ Devils challenge has definitely added to their positive experience.”

“These students have incredible enthusiasm for reading,” said Mary Hassenplug, Language Arts Supervisor. “Let’s help them stick with it.  Encourage your children to read over the summer and to share their favorites with friends.”