SPARTA, NJ – Sparta High School teacher Catherine Willie came to the microphone during the public comment portion of the Sparta Board of Education meeting on Tuesday night.  She was unofficially representing more than 20 staff members when she asked Superintendent Dennis Tobin if the board could please “vote on item number 20 on the agenda.” 

She was referring to the item on the agenda that was asking the board to approve Janet Ferraro to the position of Principal.  She is currently serving as an Assistant Principal at the school. 

“She has served the district for a long time.  This young woman is not from here but she has a strong interest in this community,” Willie continued. “She would even bleed Sparta blue.”

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Tobin explained that the personnel items were next on the agenda would all be moved as a consent agenda.  There had been several presentations prior to the first public comment opportunity.  It appeared Ferraro’s supporters were anxious to witness the vote.

Ferraro was unanimously approved.

Tobin said, “I have had the pleasure of working with Ms Ferraro as a teacher, a coach and as an administrator.  She will be making many decisions every day as a principal.  I know every decision she will be making will be in the best interest of the students.”

There was a round of applause following her approval.  She stepped to the podium to thank everyone for the opportunity.   

The principal is the latest of the district administrators to be appointed this school year.  Chris Swank is the new Director of Buildings and Grounds, Dr Daniel Johnson has been approved as the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Staff Development and Danielle Hamblin has been named as the new Director of Special Services.