It’s been only 30 years since women have been allowed, in this  club, or any of the other 32,000 world wide clubs.

Club Historian Bob Shankman will offer a 15 minute program that traces the progress and pitfalls of the movement, that began in 1905.

Prior to the decision women were not allowed as members.

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The change was mandated by a Supreme Court decision announced on 5.4.87

A chronology of important events is attached .

Note: As of this date, the following invited guests will attend:

Bob Pityo: Mr Pityo voted for the change at the first meeting, of the International Council of Legislation, which voted to eliminate the “men only” requirement. This meeting was held in Singapore, in 1989.

Laura Camp: The first woman in the Newton Rotary Club

Pam Lazarro: The second woman in the Newton Rotary Club

  Note: Both are still members

The Newton Rotary Club  meets  each Wednesday at 12:15 at The Spring Street Grill. Prospective members and guests are invited. Lunch is $15.00 The public is invited to this meeting.



  • The original constitution made no mention of gender, but it was implied to mean “men only”
  • International efforts to include women began as early as 1912
  • The constitution was changed in 1921 to explicitly restrict membership to men
  • The Duarte, California club inducted two women in 1977
  • R.I. revoked their charter in 1978
  • A 10 year legal battle ensued resulting in the US Supreme Court stating that “women cannot be excluded”
  • R.I. reacted fast and changed the Constitution
  • The decision was a major news event and important civil rights advance.
  • NJ HERALD featured front page story 5/5/87    WOMEN ALLOWED IN ROTARY
  • Newton Rotary admitted 3 women in 1988.
  • 2017 is the 30th Anniversary of the Court decision