To the Editor: 

In the last few days, a number of communities in Bergen County, have began to complain about the Federal Aviation Agency( FAA) recents change of flight paths to and from for Teterboro Airport.  The airport is largely used by corporate jets, who are usually people with “Big Money.”  Indeed an official from one town described the owners and passengers , as members of the “one percenters.”

Noise pollution has always been a subjective issue, but even in ex-rural Sussex County some have noticed the difference in change of flight paths for Newark Airport, especially for me in the Lake Stockholm area of Hardyston Township.  Now there are also smaller plane fights heading for a local small airport that fly over, but the problem is the noise, and the safety considerations in areas with higher populations, and from my view traffic congestion in the air!

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I knew what the Bergen County politicians are complaining about, as I lived in Little Ferry for five years, which is a stones throw from the Airport and the town of 17 people and the planes flew right over our complex to and from the airport. Indeed in recent years one plane landed off the airport.

We know that the  New York Metropolitan Area is one of the busiest airspace areas in the world, and the FAA tries to accommodate or lessen noise, as is the case with the change of flight paths over Hackensack Hospital, but municipal officials in area towns that are impacted should  be apart of those plans. I say-Yes!  

Bill Weightman, Hardyston-