Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) issued the following statement Monday in support of legislation to seek voter approval to expand gaming in New Jersey with two additional casinos in North Jersey. 

“Expanding gaming to North Jersey will allow for significant net economic value to be added for New Jersey through increased revenue, job creation and tourism generation.” said Oroho. “Establishing new casinos in North Jersey will help recapture gaming revenue that is being lost to neighboring states and will capitalize on the unique features of this part of the state that already draw thousands of visitors each year. This expansion and the revenues raised will also provide a boost to the state’s equine industry and will help with the needed diversification of Atlantic City so it will not be dependent on extraordinary state aid.” 

The concurrent resolution, SCR-185, would require that the two new casinos, each in separate counties outside of Atlantic City. Revenue generated from the new casinos would be dedicated to senior citizens, the disabled, and to support the economic recovery of Atlantic City.

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Additionally, no less than two percent of total revenues would also be dedicated to support the equine industry and the economic benefit it brings to the state. Senator Oroho added that he hopes going forward the percentage could be raised above the two percent in the enabling legislation.

“Casinos in North Jersey will be a jobs driver for the regional economy,” said Oroho. “In time, I also hope that we may consider limited boutique style gaming parlors in resort areas to also recapture gaming dollars that we have been continuing to lose.”

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