Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) strongly criticized the Democrat majority in the Legislature for attempting to fast-track, without a public hearing, legislation that would reward local government officials for breaking federal law.  S-3007 instructs the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to provide taxpayer money to aid and abet any county or municipality that breaks federal law by harboring undocumented foreign nationals.  

"Does anyone really believe that the United States should have 3,142 sovereign immigration policies, one for each county, and another 89,000 (give or take) covering the whims of each municipal government," Oroho asked, adding, "What's next, does everyone get to have their own foreign policy too?"

"Many of the same people who applauded President Barack Obama's use of executive orders are now calling for civil disobedience towards those put forward by President Donald Trump,” Oroho said.  “Foreign policy is constitutionally the realm of the federal government – the President and Congress.  In fact no one is saying the federal law (the Immigration and Nationality Act) which gives presidents the power to halt immigration due to security concerns is unconstitutional."

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Oroho noted that the unelected State Supreme Court has legislated from the bench such unpopular “laws” as the Abbott-based school funding formula, which takes income tax revenue paid by rural and suburban workers and directs it to gentrified urban centers like Hoboken and Jersey City.  "The rural poor are subsidizing the lifestyles of wealthy professionals and the avarice of rich corporations."

"Should we not obey ‘the law’ as handed down by the unelected Court, simply because we disagree with it?"  Oroho warned that the Legislature was "playing with fire" and that legislation like S-3007 would set a precedent that will be called up long after the "feel-good" was forgotten. 

"We are always told that 'we are a nation of laws'," Oroho said, "Good, then let's be one.  If members of the Legislature want to make federal immigration law they should run for Congress and make federal immigration law.  We are the Legislature of the State of New Jersey and we have enough state problems to occupy us without appropriating those of the federal government."