SUSSEX COUNTY, N.J. The 10th Annual Wine and Food Festival was held at Crytsal Springs Resort, May 4 through May 6. Held at one of New Jersey’s premier culinary destinations, Crystal Springs Resort, the Festival’s events are designed to allow food and wine connoisseurs to meet and mingle with the world’s finest chefs and winemakers.

This year’s Festival was the largest collection of chefs and winemakers yet, featuring renowned Chefs Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud, as well as the complete Bocuse d’Or USA teams from 2007 to 2017, which included highly regarded chefs like Gavin Kaysen (a James Beard award nominee) and Bryan Voltaggio (Top Chef). Top Chefs from RBC Hospitality were in attendance as well in this culinary paradise. "We were cooking at the NJ Wine Food festival, at crystal springs. So much fun!' said Chantelle Corbo. "At the NJ Wine + Food Festival, We served a Chilled Roman Oxtail Terrine with a salad of English Peas, pea tendrils, and sugar snaps. It was a huge hit! We loved having a chance to share what we are doing with wine and food lovers - guests came from all across New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York to attend this Festival - it was first class and we can’t wait to participate again next year!"

RBC Hospitality is launching Bell Market, a food hall they created by at Bell Works. Bell Works is the reincarnation of the two million square foot AT&T Bell Labs complex located in Holmdel, New Jersey.  The food hall will provide a refined dining facility to the former world-renowned research building, which has been reimagined as a mixed-use “metroburb” bringing the vibrant energy of urban life to suburbia through offices, retail, healthcare, recreation, hospitality, and dining offerings all under one roof.  Chef Richard Corbo (Gary Danko, Tribeca Grill, Union Square Café), his wife, sommelier Chantelle Corbo (L2O, Upland NYC), Chad Spencer (Ame, Gary Danko, Michael Mina, Bacchus Management Group), and Jeffrey Sytsma (L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Oceana, Bien Cuit) make up this forward-thinking team and, together, look to create a new dining paradigm.  At Bell Market, they intend on bringing their combined expertise and refined palates, championed throughout their careers, to the food hall concept.