PARSIPPANY, NJ - At the Parsippany-Troy Hills town council meeting on April 16th, the committee voted on a non-consent agenda opposing New Jersey becoming a sanctuary city. The motion resolves that Parsippany never becomes a sanctuary city. The motion was seconded and approved.

Council President Paul Carifi added, "I have no problem with people coming to our country to try to improve their lives, just do it the right way. Become a US citizen the right way, not the illegal way. Legally. The word itself says it all."

Gov. Phil Murphy's appointed AG issued an immigrant trust directive which prohibits the state to assist ICE, so officially, NJ is a sanctuary state.  

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In March of last year, Mayor Soriano had, in fact, announced Parsippany as a sanctuary city. Now it seems the mayor is changing his tune.

"Our police officers are instructed by the attorney general not to help ICE, however, if ICE comes to town and says they're looking for an undocumented criminal, the statute says the mayor will help. We're not giving comfort to criminals."

He added that the resolution could be made more clear and that it has grey areas where there cannot be, adding, "A sanctuary state means we would welcome immigrants. However, the mayor says the police are not being paid to let criminals in, they're being paid to catch these criminals."

A resolution letter read during the meeting said Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Legislature have enacted legislation providing millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal and undocumented immigrants. Parsippany Township Council opposes New Jersey becoming a sanctuary state as New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes in the nation and the Governor and New Jersey legislature should be more concerned with reducing spending and property tax reduction for the legal residents and taxpayers of the state. Furthermore, the Governing Body of the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills shall continue to put the needs of the residents of Parsippany first and thereby declares Parsippany Township shall never be a sanctuary city.

After reading the letter, Councilman Michael dePierro questioned the mayor's ability to properly vet immigrants to which a defensive Soriano responded, "Perhaps you should've had someone else write this besides your South Jersey political consultant."

The topic concluded after Councilwoman McCarthy clarified, "This isn't a sanctuary city, it never has been, the mayor has never said it will be."

The Township Clerk has sent a certified copy of the resolution to the Governor and members of the 21st, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th Legislative Districts.