NEWTON, NJ - As a result of the November 13th attacks in Paris, students at Newton High School decided to create a Peace Wall depicting their support of France in dealing with the loss of lives due to terrorism.

Students not only from Madame Legon’s French classes but from throughout the school were invited to add their sentiments to the Mur de Paix 2015. The mural, displaying various poems, drawings, and letters written to the people of France, went up Nov 21st and grew over the weeks until it took on a life of its own.

The mural represents the national flag of France and has hung in the senior lounge for over two weeks.  It measures eighteen feet long and at least eight feet tall.   

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“Newton High School students all joined together and we share our hope for Paris and the world as whole as we try to grapple with the new challenges to our security and freedoms that we as students must now acknowledge,” said the French students.

Written By: Students of Madame Legon’s French III Class; Gina, Robert, Micayah and Katie.