ROXBURY TOWNSHIP, NJ ---  Ramsey Outdoor celebrated their first annual “Gun & Bow Day” in Succasunna on August 11/

The event catered to hunters and outdoorsman alike with seminars, raffles and vendors from the top leading outdoor companies in the industry. Raffles included: A hybri-tech armour crossbow case by Allen, McKenzie short blocker, camouflage econo case by Flambeu, Brave III youth compound archery set and a bottle of Scent Killer brand.

In addition, five customers were the lucky winners of a .22 and .32 Berretta caliber handgun, which was raffled off to the customers every hour from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Customers had to be present in the store and have a valid pink card to obtain the handgun.

J.B. Bruner, a wildlife biologist and field supervisor gave seminars on buck hunting to the attendees starting at 11 a.m.

“A buck is a buck and that is the way it is,” stated Bruner to the guests.  Bruner chose a guest in the audience with a height of 6’3” to portray a dominant buck and asked the audience several questions to see their knowledge.

“I’m in the woods 365 days a year, you can smell where a deer has been,” said Bruner.  Bruner then made demonstrations about what deer do and used deer grunt calls by blowing through a wooden device.

Bruner then went on to pick up a bottle of $100 doe urine. “People might be looking at me and saying, ’Woah, J.B. you have been drinking a lot of that moonshine out in Alabama,’” Bruner jokingly said to the guests about the price.

Top Secret Deer Scent by Don King is four to a five year old doe urine which comes inside of a vintage looking wine bottle.  It’s price rates at $100 because King has developed a secret formula of collecting deer urine with minimal oxygen inside of the bottle.  There is also a foaming scent for a cheaper price that makes it visible so the consumer knows where they had put it.  A dominant buck can smell a stranger and any urine can turn into ammonia.

Ed Stempel was amongst the vendors who had attended the event. 

“We represent several companies that Ramsey Outdoor does business with,” Stempel said.

The main product that Stempel was showing off to consumers at the event was the stealth cam. 

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“The stealth cam was developed for game application to see what kind of activity is happening, you put your SD card in the reader and you’re able to set them in different time intervals.  Some are 8.0 mega pixels, can send out to 50 feet and still get a good image,” said Stempel.

The product is also getting used for more than just game purposes,

“People are using them for security purposes for someone trespassing on to their property.  If someone trespasses nothing flashes because it is infrared,” said Stempel.

Stempel was also there to represent the knife company Gerber.  Bear Grylls from the television show “Man vs. Wild” was a former soldier in the British SpecialForces but is known today as the face of survival and outdoor adventure.  Grylls is also a famous Ambassador for the Boy Scouts of America and teamed up with Gerber to develop survival kits and tools.

The Survival Series Ultimate Knife is currently ranked as the number one best selling knife in the world in 2012. 

“It is great, and Ramsey has been a huge part of it,” Stempel said.

Other vendors at the event included Excalibur Crossbows, Bear Archery, Nikon, and Browning.

Sussex County resident and store manager Greg Porter coordinated the event.

Throughout the year Ramsey Outdoor participates in several events where attendees can gain knowledge including:  Cast & Blast, Fly Fishing Day, and Cabin Fever Day.

“It is our first annual Gun and Bow Day but it is something we would like to do every year.  Events like this bring people into the knowledge we have, merchandise we carry and brings people from all over together,” said Porter.

A good portion of Ramsey Outdoor’s customers live in Sussex County and drive the distance to get their outdoor needs.

“Quite a few people from Sussex County attended the event today,” said Porter. “I think a couple of the establishments in Sussex County should do the same thing as well because there are a lot of fisherman and hunters in that area than there are in Morris County.”