LIVINGSTON, NJ — Livingston police say that an article spreading throughout the township about an apparent murder-suicide over a losing Powerball ticket was entirely fabricated.

A “Breaking News” story on News 10 Live’s website emerged this morning about a Livingston man by the name of Ralph Weinstein, who allegedly murdered his wife and three children before committing suicide over losing the lottery.

According to the Livingston Police Department, photos, quotes from neighbors and the discovery of a suicide note and video were all fabricated.

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After receiving several concerned calls, the Livingston Police Department are looking into the names used, including Ralph and Sarah Weinstein, their three children, ages nine, 14 and 17, and neighbor Jessica Stern, but have not confirmed that these are real people.

According to police, the photo used on the site shows a police car blocking a roadway in the rain, when in fact there was no rain in Livingston on Jan. 13, as well as a fire car, which would not be at a murder scene. Police also said the car in the picture has not been in service for more than a year.

Police also pointed out several other questionable stories on News 10 Live, causing them to believe that this was not the website's first fabricated news story. 

Read the fabricated article HERE.