The Junior Woman’s Club of Sparta (JWCS) is holding its annual Safety Village program, a comprehensive and fun safety education curriculum for children entering kindergarten, this June 19th through the 22nd, 2017. Lucy Lubertazzo and Sonja O’Connell, both club members, are co-chairing the event this year. With experience from past participation in this program, Lucy and Sonja successfully organize various presenters to educate five-year-olds on safety protocols inside and outside of home, school, and neighborhood.

In its 27th year, Safety Village will feature many civil servants from the community who generously donate their time to educate and entertain the children.   Last year,  Wellness Pediatrics taught the children to stay germ free with correct washing of hands and to stay healthy with good nutrition. Sparta Karate taught an interactive lesson about bullying and stranger danger.  Smokey the Bear from the NJ Forest Service warned against forest fires. Fish & Wildlife Natural Research Center told the children to stand tall, look large, and yell to warn off the black bears. First Student gave the children their first school bus ride around the block.  Learning traffic signals, pool rules, and hiking do's-and-don'ts are goals presenters will accomplish this June.

Registration is now open for this year’s program and forms can be found on the website at under the “Events” tab.  Deadline for registration is May 31, 2017.  A $60 nonrefundable registration fee can be paid at the website.

JWCS is comprised of women from Sparta and surrounding towns that have come together as friends to foster goodwill and hold events and activities to bring the community together. Each year, the JWCS raises and distributes thousands of dollars to local organizations and charities.