SPARTA, NJ –A number of Sparta High School students having earned the Seal of Biliteracy were recognized at the most recent board of education meeting.  Supervisor of World Languages Michael Lauricella presented the students at the meeting.

“We have 24 students who qualified for the Seal of Biliteracy this year, including one who qualified in two different languages,” Lauricella said.

Lauricella explained the Seal of Biliteracy was first introduced in New Jersey in 2016, allowing students who can demonstrate Biliteracy to have a stamp affixed to their school transcripts.

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According to the New Jersey Department of Education the requirements include the student’s ability to demonstrate a proficiency level of Intermediate Mid in a World Language as well as meeting state high school graduation requirements in English at a proficient level. 

“The Seal of Biliteracy provides evidence of linguistic skills and is attractive to future employers and college admissions offices,” Lauricella said.  “In our every shrinking global economy being multilingual puts students on a level playing field with potential competitors in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.”

Students can be evaluated with the Writing Proficiency Test or the Oral Proficiency Test through Language Testing International according to the New Jersey Department of Education. 

In New Jersey, students can test for the designation in Albanian, Arabic, Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, English, French, German, GreekSeal of Biliteracy Sparta High School 2018, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian Farsi, Polish, European Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

Sparta students alternately may qualify if they get a score of four or higher on an Advanced Placement World Language and Culture exam in their junior year.

In Sparta students can take AP level French, German and Spanish. The College Boards does not offer an AP test in Russian.  Sparta no longer offers Mandarin Chinese. 

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Daniel Johnson said with World Language having been returned to the elementary schools, they anticipate more students being able to attain this level of study.

Earning the Seal of Biliteracy this year:

  • Eileen Huhn,
  • Madara Gulbe,
  • Sofia Cook,
  • Sylvia Cochacki,
  • Audrey Biss,
  • Benamin Dottinger,
  • Benjamin Schultz,
  • Brendan Huff,
  • Cambray O’Brien,
  • Emerson Chin,
  • Robert Pegollo,
  • Terence Ripon,
  • Daniela Hernandez Carpio,
  • James Apostolico,
  • John Williamson,
  • Kathryn Frontauria,
  • Melanie Cardoso-Lozano,
  • Mia Pulido,
  • Michael Flores,
  • Nadir Hassan,
  • Nicole Kwon,
  • Quinalan Van Es,
  • Sarah Mathusek,
  • Soumya Duggirala
  • Andrew Greenberg

“I want to congratulate these students on the fruits of their efforts through our World Language program in Sparta,” Lauricella said.  “I also want to thank the teachers in our World Language department for their hard work in support of our students.  An excellent job done by all.”