To the Editor:

Certainly, reading the above statement, red flags should arise, as it seems in these times that the Senate cleans itself on ethics. Hmmm!  There are some 5,500 lobbyists in Washington on what is called K Street, but that is a guesstimate.  This was the ninth straight year our US Senate imposed no disciplinary sanctions.  We need to look closer, and for less alienation of the public. The Senate should not declare itself clean on ethics, but have some other group possibly a bi-partisan group of skilled ethics evaluators. 

According to US Today, since  2007 the Senate has received 613 allegations, with some 90% immediately dismissed, and only 75 have even had a preliminary investigation, which went no where! Now does that not seem strange, that nothing was found wrong.   One investigator called the Senate Ethics Committee ‘ the dead letter office.”

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This suggests that to make Americans  want to vote there have to be better mechanisms to investigate and hold Senators, Representatives  and others accountable.  It does stain credulity, as Meredith McGehee, of the non-partisan Campaign Legal Center noted.  It bothers, me, too!

Bill Weightman, Hardyston -