SPARTA, NJ - We had a terrific snow play day at Alpine School on Friday, February 10. We put on our snow gear first. Then we went outside.

We made snow angels and a snow fort. Some of us jumped off the snow ice mountain. We made a slide and slid down on our bellies like penguins. We also went down on our backs.

We made a snow house with furniture made out of snow! We found a huge ice block and we carried it around.

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We dug a hole and put snowballs in it. We called it the pantry and we ate the snowballs. We tried to dig a tunnel to get to the pantry but it didn’t work.

We played with kids from other classes. We tried to make an igloo. We made ourselves into snow mermaids and ate some snow. We did not want to come inside.

It was a brilliant snow play day!